The theory that women play a primary role in economic growth. [Blend of women and economics.]
Example Citations:
Across the world, it is women who are driving economic growth. Over the last 30 years, they have filled two out of every three new jobs. The term 'womenomics' has been coined to illustrate the increasing role that women are now playing, and will continue to play, in economic life.
—Cherie Booth, "Don't let culture be an excuse for demeaning women," The Observer, October 28, 2007
Once women simply spent the housekeeping money doled out to them.
These days they are more likely to hold the purse strings.
The increasing purchasing and physical power of women on the economic and cultural front has been labelled 'womenomics'.
The Economist last year ... argued that the future of the world economy lies increasingly in female hands.
It found that over the past decade or so increased female participation in the paid labour force has contributed more to the growth of the world economy than either booming China or new technology.
—"Why womenomics is the force of the future," Daily Mail, October 18, 2007
Earliest Citation:
Women's buying power continues to grow at a rapid rate. The Advisory Committee's "Womenomics" report on opportunities for increased automotive sales to women notes that female buyers account for 80 percent of all consumer spending, including $65 billion on vehicles in the United States.
—"Chrysler Women's Advisory Committee Widens Internal and External Scope," PR Newswire, February 9, 1995
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